Damijan Podversic – 3 litri 2010

22 Jan Damijan Podversic – 3 litri 2010

2010 sees the birth of project A3, the Podversic family’s solidarity wine. 3-liter bottles in a special packaging, the labels of which are reinterpreted each year by a different artist with the sole constraint of “number 3”. All proceeds from these prestigious bottles are donated to charity. The first label of this ambitious project is by Corrado Zegni, “3” the visually developed theme, “3” the number of times the rope wraps around brochure and bottle, and “3” the blends of grapes produced: Malvasia, Ribolla Gialla and Friulano.

Artha Project
Art Director: Stefano Tortini / Vito Plantanida
Project Type: Label + brochure + wood box
Client: Damijan Podversic
Visual: Corrado Zeni
Packaging Contents: Wine
Printing Process: Digital + Offset print