Michel Tolmer | Damijan A3 project

07 Apr Michel Tolmer | Damijan A3 project

The “A3 – vino solidale” project created by the Podversic family continues its journey with growing success and determination, 3 liter bottles in special packaging whose label is interpreted every year by a different artist, having as sole restriction the “number 3”. The protagonist of this edition was French artist Michel Tolmer. Michel is a great illustrator and cartoonist known in the wine world for his many collaborations with wine magazines and for having invented and published many books of his famous characters Mimi, Fifi and GlouGlou. The whole proceeds of these operations go to non-profit associations, this too is why Artha is very proud to have given its contribution this year as well. Cheers!

Artha Project
Art Director: Stefano Tortini | Vito Piantanida
Project Type: Packaging | Labeling
Client: Az. Agr. Damijan Podversic
Printing Process: Digital + Offset printing